Malayalam 1

 5 Crowns as Reward by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Be Holy by Pr.M.E.Jacob  Cleansing of the Temple by Dr.Muralidhar
 A Better tomorrow by Br.P G Vargis  Be Holy by Rev.M S Samuel  Close to Jesus by Pr. K A Abraham
 A time for Everything by Pr.M V Chacko  Be In the Ark by Pr.K A Abraham  Come and See He is the Saviour by Pr. Mathew Varghese
 Abide in Me by Pr.Babu Cherian  Be My Witness by Dr.Muralidhar  Come out of Her by Pr. Varghese Abraham
 Abraham Righteous not by Good Works by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Be My Witness by Pr.K M Joseph  Come to Jesus by Pr.Babu Cherian
 Abraham’s Blessing Through Christ by Pr.K George  Be Rich in God by Pr.M.E.Jacob  Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ by Pr.Eby
 Acts 5:12-16 by Pr. Cyril Noronha  Be Rooted in Christ by Pr.Babu Cherian  Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ-2 by Pr.Eby Abraham
 After Darkness Light Comes by Late.Pr.P D Johnson  Be Transformed by Pr.R Abraham  Coming of the Son of Man by Pr. B.Monachen
 Ages by Rev.Kanam Achen  Be Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind by Pr Biji Anchel  Conditions for Promise by Pr.Jacob Mathew
 Alcoholism by Late.Pr.John Daniel  Bear Good Fruit by Pr.Babu Cherian  Confess your Sins and Receive Mercy by Pr.K A Abraham
 Ambassador of Christ by Late.Pr.M K Chacko  Before it gets Dark by Sister. Anna Kandathil  Contact with the Dead by Late.Pr.John Daniel
 Ananias by Pr. Gege Paul  Believe in Jesus by Pr.P T Thomas  Cost of Discipleship-1 by Pr.Idicheria Ninan
 Anointment.. What Bible Says by Pr.P T Thomas  Believe in The Power by Pr.Sunny Kurian  Cost of Discipleship-2 by Pr.Idicheria Ninan
 AntiChrist by Late.Pr.John Daniel  Believe the Word by Late.Pr.John Daniel  Courage to Overcome by Evg.Ram Babu
 Any Profit for man by Evg.Krishnankutty Thiruvattar  Believers Self Judgement by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Creations are Groaning by Pr.Juxy Mathew
 Any Who Seek God-1 by Pr.Babu Cherian  Benefits of God by Pr.K Joy  Crown of Righteousness by Mary Kovoor
 Any Who Seek God-2 by Pr.Babu Cherian  Bible Prophecy (Part 1) by Pr. Paul Gopalakrishnan  Cry out to God by Pr.M A Varghese(kerala)
 Appear in Glory by Dr.K C John  Bible Prophecy (Part 2) by Pr. Paul Gopalakrishnan  Damages of the Eastwind by Pr. M A Varghese (Kerala)
 Are you a new creation by Pr.Babu Cherian  Bitterness-1 by Pr.Jacob Mathew  Dark Valley of Death by Pr.K A Abraham
 Are you Fed Up by Sister Anna Kandathil  Blasphemy by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Days of Lot-1 by Pr.Babu Cherian
 Are you the One by Pr. Jacob Mathew  Blessed are the Poor in Spirit by Pr. T.J. Samuel  Days of Lot-2 by Pr.Babu Cherian
 Are you Truly Lost by Sister Anna Kandathil  Blessed Hope by Pr.Koshy Vaidhyan  Days of Lot-3 by Pr.Babu Cherian
 Arise and Build by Pr.P C Cherian  Blessed to Bless by Br. R Stanley  Dead but Alive by Sister Anna Kandathil
 Arise and Shine by Dr. Ezhamkulam Samkutty  Blessing and Curse by Pr. M A Varghese  Dead to Sin,Alive in Christ-1 by Pr.Babu Cherian
 Arise, O Lions by Captain Samuel  Blessings by Pr.M A John  Dead to Sin,Alive in Christ-2 by Pr.Babu Cherian
 Assurance Of Our Salvation by Pr.Jacob Mathew  Blood of Jesus by Bro.Suresh Babu  Death and Judgment by Dr.K Muralidhar
 Assurance of Righteousness by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Blood of Jesus by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Deborah by Pr.Jacob Mathew
 At the Potter’s House by Pr.Babu Cherian  Blood of Jesus by Pr.Sabu Varghese  Defeat the Enemy by Pr.P G Vargis
 Atmosphere of Miracles(Part 1) by Pr. Anison K Samuel  Blood of Jesus by Sister Anna Kandathil  Deliverance from Sin-1 by Rev.Kanam Achen
 Atmosphere of Miracles(Part 2) by Pr. Anison K Samuel  Blood of Lamb by Pr.M.E.Jacob  Deliverance from Sin-2 by Rev.Kanam Achen
 Atmosphere of Miracles(Part 3) by Pr. Anison K Samuel  Born Again by Pr. Varghese Abraham  Depression by Pr.Jacob Mathew
 Atonement by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Born of Christ by Pr.Raju Methra  Destroy the Works of Devil by Br. Suresh Babu
 Authentic Christianity by Pr.Jacob Mathew  Call the Lord and be Saved by Pr. Finny Stephen  Devil must not defeat you by Bro.Suresh Babu
 Authority in Christ by Master Jojimon Jose  Can These Bones Live by Sister Anna Kandathil  Discern what is Best by Pr. Aby Abraham
 Authority over Satan by Br.Suresh Babu  Carrying on a great project by Pr.T P Varghese  Disobedience to Gospel by Pr.Juxy Mathew
 Awake by Pr. Raju Ebenezer  Cheer up your Mind by Pr.Babu Cherian  Diversities of Tongues by Pr.Juxy Mathew
 Baptism by Pr. Koshy Vaidhyan  Children For God by Pr. Jacob Mathew  Do Great Things for God by Pr.Philip P Thomas
 Baptism by Pr.K M Mathew  Children of God by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Do not be Angry-1 by Pr.Jacob Mathew
 Basic Principles of Church-1 by Pr.P T Thomas  Choice by Late Rev. Dr.John Daniel (The Last Message)  Do not be angry-3 by Pr.Jacob Mathew
 Basic Principles of Church-2 by Pr.P T Thomas  Christ in Gospel by Br. Suresh Babu  Do Not Fear, I Am With You by Pr.P D Johnson
 Basic Principles of Church-3 by Pr.P T Thomas  Christ The Rock by Pr. M. E. Jacob (Kallumala Kunjumon)  Do not let your heart be troubled by Pr.Biji Anchel
 Basic Principles of Church-4 by Pr.P T Thomas  Christ the World Saviour by Pr. R Krishnankutty Thiruvattar  Do Wonders for God by Pr. Babu Cherian
 Basic Principles of Church-5 by Pr.P T Thomas  Christian Growth by Pr. Raju Ebenezer  Do you Truly Love Me by Pr.Babu Cherian
 Basic Principles of Church-6 by Pr.P T Thomas  Christian Liberty by Br. R Stanley  Dominion of Sin by Pr.Juxy Mathew
 Be a Builder by Pr.R Abraham  Christian Maturity by Br.R Stanley  Don’t Be Afraid by Pr. Jacob John (Punjab)
 Be a Man of Prayer by Pr.Biji Anchel  Christian Maturity-2 by Br.R Stanley  Don’t Be Afraid Just Believe by Sister Anna Kandathil
 Be Bold and Be Courageous by Pr. M Ravi  Christology by Pr.M V Chacko  Don’t be Lukewarm by Pr.K M Joseph
 Be Careful What You Hear by Pr. Alex Thomas  Church of Jesus Christ by Pr.Valsan Abraham  Don’t Conform to this World by Pr.Juxy Mathew
 Be Faithful Till I Come Back by Pr.K M Joseph  Church of Satan by Late.Pr.John Daniel  Don’t Give Up Holy Spirit will Strengthen You by Pr.John Philip
 Circumcision does not make us Righteous by Pr.Juxy Mathew  Don’t Let your Heart be Troubled by Pr. Jacob Mathew